Wholesale distribution

Use data to master the balancing act of anticipating production needs, staying on top of demand, and satisfying seasonal and regional requirements.

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Chemical and Pharma

Use data to measure the high cost of getting drugs to the market and the time and numerous mandated processes involved.

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Manufacturers usually have a lot of data which they collect real-time but they tend not to take full advantage of it by also analyzing it in near real-time.

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Use data to increase Average Revenue Per User, gain a single view of customer experience and avoid major risks by performing what-if analyses.

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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate Leasing is an extremely competitive sector of the industry and the players are required to have information at their fingertips.

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Financial services

Financial services industry uses data to improve operational efficiency but very few companies use it to gain business insights because the scattered data won’t allow it.

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Continued investment in technology and ever increasing adaptation of online learning tools means educational institutions have no shortage of data.

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