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The after effects of the economic crisis can still be felt in the Insurance industry though outlook is improving and companies have once again started to invest in growth, especially in the Asia Pacific. It is great news for the industry. Self-service BI can accelerate the growth trend by enabling Insurance companies to gain insights in buying patterns and demographic trends, as well as by helping to keep up with regulatory demands.

Perform in-force premium analysis - analyze current customer base and perform future sales analysis forecast. See all the policies with premiums in decline, drill down to see brokers and cities sold at.
Look at sales and general ledger all in one dashboard. Look at the time period, sales channel or a group of policies and compare the associated data in the two ledgers.
Analyze demographic information of claims made, see the sales people that sold the policies, look at the information laid out on a map to reveal particularly interesting insights.
Use data to offer the most optimal pricing to optimize win rates and offer the right products to the right customers at the time when they need it.

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