We are one of the most experienced implementation specialists of Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics and Big Data solutions in the region.
We owe our success to our understanding of clients' business objectives. At the end of the day, technology is just the "how" of solving a need, the underlying business objectives are the much more important "why".

About us

Business Intelligence

Whether your need is:

Making sense of the huge amounts of raw data being generated by your business systems, or searching for competitive “nuggets of gold” that lie hidden within the masses of data, or a “Full-Stack” solution that provides data mapping & manipulation, data modeling, & Visualization, Data Warehousing, Data Quality & Governance,

KMS has a BI Solution for you.


Advanced Analytics

Today there is no shortage of data, but help is needed to harness the right data in real time to optimally improve operations  through:

proactive customer care, targeted offers /campaign management, personalized products and services, churn prediction & proactive actions, insights to increase revenue

…all in real time on a  central, unified dynamic dashboard…that can be used and understood by multiple stakeholders.

KMS can take you to the next level of Diagnostic and Predictive Analytics.  

Big Data Solution

KMS has a full suite of services to help you navigate the Big Data arena:

Digital Analytics
Social Media and Sentiment Analytics
Predictive Analytics, Trends and Forecasting
IOT & Sensor Data Analytics
Real Time Analytics
R, Alteryx, MapR, Cloudera Hadoop & Apache Storm implementations

What makes us different



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What our customers say


Bernard S.Y. Fung

Chairman and CEO, Aon Asia

This is the information I have been wanting for ten years.


Abigail Alice Tan

Head of Information Technology, Robinsons Group

Since the introduction of QlikView, Robinsons Group’s decision makers have faster access to more actionable data leading to smarter, timelier business decisions so critical to retailing success.


Loo Kian Wai

Finance Manager, Diners World Travel (Singapore) Pte Ltd

The Business Intelligence (BI) solution offered by KMS has given us the opportunity to access and filter reliable information quickly thanks to a proper dashboard reporting system.


Lim Kian Hong

Product specialist, Syngenta Singapore

The rich graphical interface combined with powerful drill down capabilities and flexibility of the BI platform provided by KMS makes it one of the best solutions I have ever encountered.

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