Knowledge Management Solutions Announces Cure for EBIDS (Early BI Demise Syndrome)

Southeast Asia’s leading Business Intelligence implementation and application management specialists announce global launch of Application Maintenance Services.

Singapore – March 8, 2018  – Knowledge Management Solutions (KMS), Southeast Asia’s first Qlik certified implementation partner, today announced the global expansion of its cure for EBIDS (Early BI Demise Syndrome).

The Danger of EBIDS

EBIDS is a frequently occurring malady infecting organizations that implement Business Intelligence Platforms without vaccinating against common BI illnesses. Even the most robust and successful implementations are at risk.

Common causes of EBIDS include:

  • Capacity Constraints: As the number of BI users increases, application speed declines.
  • Dashboard Demands: As users request new dashboards and visualizations, IT teams can’t keep up.
  • Data Model Declines: New analyses require data model changes, but IT doesn’t have bandwidth.
  • Release Repair: Software releases introduce bugs that the internal tech hasn’t planned to fix.

If untreated, these symptoms cause users to retreat into the warm comfort of spreadsheets. BI dies a slow death, efficiency declines, and decision-making suffers.

The KMS Cure

KMS’ Application Maintenance Services nurture BI investments. More than a cure, the services are a powerful supplement, increasing the overall return on BI Investment and Application Maintenance.

Our clients enjoy a comprehensive annual plan that drives increases in user adoption and productivity.

  • Application performance is maintained via semi-annual health checks and application optimization.
  • Visualization demands are satisfied with unlimited dashboard and visualization updates.
  • Analytics enhancements are achieved with annual data model and data source updates.
  • Bug fixes are handled proactively by KMS, without any IT team involvement.
  • Purchase orders and approvals are non-existent, with all services pre-approved via annual contract.

“We are relentless in our efforts to keep our clients’ BI environments modern and healthy, so they can gain the insights they need to win,” said Ashim Berry, CEO of KMS. “We have worked with over 500 clients in the past 15 years, and our Application Maintenance Services cover the most important drivers of BI ROI.”

Learn more about Business Intelligence Application Management Services plans and introductory pricing.

About Knowledge Management Solutions

KMS is Southeast Asia’s leading implementation specialist for Business Intelligence and Big Data solutions. KMS has worked with over 500 customers and more than 10,000 end users across 20 countries. KMS’s headquarters are in Singapore, and they bring exceptional regional knowledge to their engagements, with offices in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Hong Kong.

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