Implementation specialists - BI | Advanced Analytics | Big Data

Implementation specialists - BI | Analytics | Big Data


Who we are and What we do

KMS is one of the most experienced implementation specialists of Business Intelligence, Analytics and Big Data solutions in Asia Pacific. In our 13 years of operations we have worked with almost 500 customers and more than 10,000 end users, using our solutions in 20 countries. We have 80% customer retention rate after two years. Headquartered in Singapore, we have an exceptional regional knowledge and presence with offices in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Hong Kong.

We help companies understand not only what happened but, additionally, why it happened and help to create a data driven decision making culture across the organization.

We owe our success to our understanding of clients' business objectives. At the end of the day, technology is just the "how" of solving a need, the underlying business objectives are the much more important "why".

We make your data actionable
Excel does not accommodate data analysis on a large scale and with traditional BI systems all reports come from IT and take a long time to reach Business users.

We empower you to see a single version of truth
Working from reports generated using Excel, there is no single version of truth because every department gets data from a different source.

We help you foster a data driven collaboration culture
The people you rely on to make decisions for you everyday often have to get by with going with their gut when they should be looking at data.

Scalable with low cost of ownership
Gone are the days when implementing a data analysis system was an extremely expensive and time consuming project to take on.

We love tech and business equally
We love tech but we also have great expertise in spotting business challenges. At the end of the day our solutions are designed to make your organization more competitive and agile.

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