• Wholesale Distribution

Wholesale Distribution

Anticipating production needs and staying on top of demand and supply is a balancing act made even more complicated by the need to satisfy seasonal and regional requirements, as well as the highly fragmented spending habits of customers.

The bottom line depends on whether your employees working on the front lines can make data based decisions about when to launch new products, what the offers should be and others. However, often IT resources, upon which the creation of reports depend, are allocated to favor corporate decision making, leaving your managers who drive your business day to day waiting for data for weeks or not asking for it at all.

Interactive Business Intelligence gives distribution professionals, who often travel a lot, fast and easy access to mission critical data in near-real time on their mobiles and desktops. They can slice and dice, discover and visualize data themselves on daily basis and gain actionable insights.

Here are just some of the ways Interactive BI benefits distribution specialists:

Decide which customers to target by geography and channel.
Anticipate product needs faster.
Have data from various systems in one place.
Discover areas of risk and inefficiency and immediately react to changes.
Make sure production, sales, marketing, warehouse, customer service are all working with the same, up to date information.
Balance top line growth and bottom line costs.
Benchmark multiple KPIs against forecasts.
Provide stakeholders with transparent and thorough reports.

Case study: Chemical distribution company headquartered in Europe

Case study: Wholesale group headquartered in Europe