Financial Services

Financial Services Analytics

Financial services industry uses data to improve operational efficiency but very few companies use it to gain business insights because the scattered data won’t allow it.

In the current climate Financial services institutions are looking to increase operational efficiency and minimize exposure to risk in order to eliminate unnecessary costs. Self-service Business Intelligence enables Financial services institutions to analyze large volumes of data from various sources empowering every department to increase their efficiency and meet regulatory compliance demands.

Improve operational efficiency by gaining data driven insights in workforce headcount, infrastructure, maintenance.
Practice data driven financial decision making by having complete visibility over your organization's data coming from different sources, all in one dashboard with the ability to drill down.
Analyze revenue, number of relationships and number of clients - execute performance analysis at any level.
Reduce the time consuming Excel report generation from raw data and enable management to get instant information on Financial Analysis across regions.

Case study: Financial Services corporation headquartered in Japan