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Continued investment in technology and ever increasing adaptation of online learning tools means educational institutions have no shortage of data. The educational sector routinely collects data on average scores, for example, but rarely utilize it to its full advantage by slicing and dicing, drilling down and, empowered by visualizations, discovering not just what are the trends but why and under which circumstances they occur. Performing what-if analysis too is not a common practice yet.

Here are some examples how Interactive Business Intelligence drives education institutions to raise above the competition:

Discover factors that influence the extremely important Alumni donations.
Optimize course marketing across the globe to enroll international students.
Discover patterns in the demographic data from student applications and stay on top of inclusion policies.
Monitor conversion rates and incorporate benchmarking data to compare your institution with your competitors.
See and optimize campus resources according to usage patterns.
Take the burden of manual report compiling off your administrative and IT staff letting them focus on areas where their expertise can truly benefit your institution.
Align student performance with institutional goals.

Case Study: Singapore Polytechnic

Achieves multi-perspective business intelligence analyses at a touch of the button


Case study: Nanyang Technological University