Commercial Real-estate

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Commercial Real Estate Leasing, managed by REIT companies, is an extremely competitive sector of the Real Estate Industry and the players are required to be imaginative and have information at their fingertips to avail of the opportunities that arise as well as to quickly respond to government, economic and market pressures that might challenge their business models. Having market and business metrics at the tips of your fingers therefore becomes a necessity.

Business Intelligence can help solve the major challenges faced by the industry:

Timely response to real estate trends in a competitive business environment.
Deriving effective rent rates for market planning and forecasting.
Better space management and increased occupancy.
Better Lease contracting – acquisition / management /termination.
Managing and maintaining assets more effectively.
Dynamic analysis by a large number of variables to support business strategies - especially in marketing and operations.

Case study: A Real-estate company headquartered in Singapore

White paper: BI for Commercial Real-estate