Interactive Business Intelligence for the Pharmaceutical Industry 

The high cost of getting drugs to the market, the time and numerous mandated processes involved, the complicated regulatory compliance issues, the fear of liability that hinders innovation makes the Pharmaceutical industry very difficult to navigate.

Business Intelligence and ERP systems have become commonplace in the enterprise but there is a shift happening. Traditional BI tools are being replaced by self-service, interactive BI tools as IT centric BI solutions are rigid, take very long to implement and users must wait weeks for reports that are not interactive or have advanced data visualization capabilities.
Interactive BI tools with fast, custom built dashboards that focus on the questions important to your business yet provide deep analysis capabilities help pharma companies to leverage data to invest in the right drugs and get them to the market faster.
We give below a non-exhaustive list of some of the areas we can work to help you get the best out of your Analytics Investments
 Management of Efficient Clinical Trials
 Sales & Marketing Funnel Management
 Drug Discovery Process Tracking
 Physician and Opinion Leader tracking
 What-if Analysis for New Markets and Pricing
 Marketing Budget Allocation & Sales Representative Quotas
 Competitor Analysis
 Regulatory compliance

Once a Business User has discovered actionable insights using self-service BI tools, these can be conveyed to management, investors or the FDA in a convincing manner using interactive stories that allow viewers themselves to interact with the data and see how it changes. Data itself can do the convincing.