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It has been a natural progression for businesses to turn to online tools - CRM systems, file sharing, project management - are all Cloud based. Being able to adopt a new tool in as little time as it takes to sign-up and then access it with ease from everywhere is not a luxury but an understandable every-day requirement for modern companies. The best BI solutions are keeping up with the demand and offer Cloud based platforms, enabling users to securely access and analyse their data anytime and anywhere.

Cloud BI removes any remaining barriers that may prevent Business Users from fully embracing data-driven decision making. It provides an agile way to access data.

Cloud BI offers:

Significantly lower cost of ownership.
Simple and fast deployment.
A model that is easy and fast to scale to accommodate more users.
Impeccable security - regularly reviewed.
Latest technology - solutions are regularly updated.
Approved users can securely interact with data and get answers in minutes anywhere and anytime.
Dashboards compatible with a variety of devices.
Findings easy to share with colleagues.