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Data Centers the world over are increasingly being measured on a Maturity Model that benchmarks (The Green Grid), their energy, carbon, water efficiency, engineering sustainability metrics and the steps that can be taken to enhance these. This monitoring with other non-traditional metrics like Financial, HR and CSR could result in substantial benefits besides better control of scarce resources. An e.g. of DCMM benchmarking is given below

KMS is actively pursuing a vision to develop and enhance existing BI tools to provide historical & predictive analysis, in real time, in the following areas:

 Data Center Mechanical & Electrical Engg. (DCME) – PUE, CUE, WUE etc.
 Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)
 Building Management Systems – (BMS)
 ERP Systems like Financial, HR, Procurement and Accounting
 CRM Systems like Salesforce, Billing & Customer Service Management
 Corporate and Social Responsibility Management Systems - CSR

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